Responsive Web Demo

Posted on: 11/06/2016
Last updated on: 04/29/2017

Commentary: This is a sample developed off of the template available here: Bootstrap Template. The purpose was to develop a responsive GUI for all screen sizes. The GUI will adjust itself according to the window size. The design was intended to focus around the functional use of the GUI. It was developed in Visual Studio as a Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Web Application. The source HTML was copied/pasted for hosting on my website.
The navigational links on the responsive web demo includes the "1001" and "SubNavA" hyperlinks.

Languages: C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript

Frameworks: Angular2, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, Font Awesome

Libraries: jQuery

User Interface Demo

Posted on: 1/31/2016

Commentary: This is a sample user interface that handles adding arbitrary entities. Its purpose is to demonstrate an easy to use user interface. Much of development for this was from reading the following:

Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Polynomial Graph

Posted on: 8/28/2011

Commentary: I programmed this application to demonstrate my proficiency in JavaScript. The application graphs a polynomial. To graph a polynomial, enter the coefficients (delimited by white spaces), from highest to lowest order, in the text field above, and click on "Plot."

Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Mystic Jinni

Posted on: 6/15/2010

Download Program

Commentary: I worked with my brother and two artists to build this game for a computer game development class at UC Irvine. The current build is mostly a tech-demo of the game engine built by my brother and I.

I implemented the camera work, collision detection, combat mechanics, and bone animation used to implement the paths for the fireballs.

Languages: C#

Frameworks: Microsoft's XNA


Posted on: 4/21/2010

Commentary: Nucleon started as a project for a seven days game competition arranged by the UC Irvine Video Game Development Club (UCI VGDC). I was the lead programmer for this project, on a team of twelve people. The underlying game engine used for Nucleon was a side project developed three weeks before the competition.

I worked primarily on the game's visual presention. I implemented the fading effects, lightning, particle effects, procedural placement of the green neutrons based on the positions of other neutrons, and the special attack (i.e. the attack with the white transparent circle) via shaders.

This game has since been finished and released on Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) in May 2011.

Languages: C#

Frameworks: Microsoft's XNA

Collision Detection Engine

Posted on: 7/20/2009

Download Program
Music: Mark of the Beatsmith (Mark of a Traitor)
By Hy Bound
OverClocked ReMix (

Commentary: The above video demonstrates my collision detection program programmed in C++ using the OpenGL API. The collision detection is based on the Oriented-Bounding Box Tree (OBBTree) implementation. I began working on this program in a Computer Graphics class at UC Irvine. I have since optimized the OBBTree by implementing a convex hull algorithm to better compute the orientation of each oriented-bounding box (OBB). I have also added collision interpolation to the program for both the triangles and OBBs.

Please do not judge my ability on organizing code in this collision detection project. This was a learning experience and unnecessary code are left in the program for testing purposes. I merely allowed the program to be downloaded to show the scale of this project. A sample of my C++ code can be found here. The source code is from a 3D game project made with the Panda3D game engine. I have since scrapped this project because of the limited Panda3D documentation, the time required to make a 3D game from scratch, and the game engine's limitations.

S. Gottschalk, M. Lin, and D. Manocha. “OBB-Tree: A Hierarchical Structure for Rapid Interference Detection.” ACM SIGGRAPH. 1996.

B. Barber, D. Dobkin, and H. Huhdanpaa. "The Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hull. Technical Report GCG53, The Geometry Center, MN, 1993.

Languages: C++

Frameworks: Panda3D

Libraries: OpenGL

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